Suburban RV Furnace (Q Series) – Review

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A review of the Suburban RV Furnace (Q Series).

When the days start getting shorter and the nights a little chillier, it may feel that the RV season is coming to an end. You can always put a third sweater on, and huddle the entire family under blankets, but being uncomfortable really puts a damper on the trip. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way if you’ve got yourself an RV furnace. Your home certainly doesn’t need to be the only place with the luxury of comfortable room temperature. A Suburban RV heater can keep your RV nice and warm while the weather takes its toll outdoors.

Suburban Q Series

Suburban Q Series

The Suburban Q Series RV Furnaces are the latest in the line of RV heaters by Suburban Manufacturing. Suburban have been the leaders in space saving, RV furnaces since the late 1960s. They certainly know what they’re doing when making RV heaters and the Q Series is no exception.

An RV furnace, or forced draft furnace, works a little differently than a household forced air furnace. The RV furnace runs on a 12 volt power system generated from your RV battery. The preset thermostat will send a signal to the time delay relay switch, which will then start up the blower motor. There are two fans, one pulling air from the interior (the air return) and one pulling air from the exterior (the combustion air intake).  Once the fans reach full speed, the gas valve will open and a Direct Spark Igniter (DSI) will ignite the fire. As air pulls in through the combustion air intake, it combines with the propane to fuel the fire and exhaust gases are vented to the outside. The combustion chamber will get hotter, passing the heat to the heat exchanger, which warms the interior air passing through the ducts. Once the preset temperature is reached, the burner shuts down completely and the fans continue to blow.

The Q Series Suburban RV furnaces have been improved from previous versions. They are quieter and have a lower amp draw. This new design generates more CFM, which is the volume of air in cubic feet per minute. This allows a decrease in the motor RPM, which means less power needs to be drawn and the fans run quieter. This is huge advantage not only for your ears but for your RV’s battery.

These Suburban RV heaters are only 7½” high, allowing them to fit into very compact spaces. Yet despite their low profile, the Q series furnaces are quite powerful. Both a 30,000 BTU and 35,000 BTU are available, depending on the size of your RV.

If you’re tired of Mother Nature dictating when you can enjoy your RV, a Suburban RV furnace is the answer. The Q Series keeps your RV warm and comfortable, and does so quietly and efficiently. We highly recommend it.


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